Here are some brief news:
the school is setting up the new media room! They got the iMac and a video camera and is going to buy the  green screen for the video announcements. People are really excited about it.
Today, we started a new thing in IT which is how to download games from the new firefox and save on the desktop. It would be really useful.
In MUN Qatar, we got assigned the country, we are going to represent Latvia, it is a pretty big country. We have to work really hard because we are behind.
Also, the Hague MUN people got selected, I think they are 10 or 12 people. Most of 
Today,Tuesday, was the last day of the volleyball intermural, and it was Lions against Champions, and the Loins won, it was a competitive game. Today, also, we are continuing to work on iGoogle and discover how to add Google groups on it, but it is not working. Today is also a shortened day and we have advisory at the end! I think we have an assembly. Tomorrow I have a chemistry quiz, and after tomorrow I have a math quiz.
Yesterday, Massimo took our passports to get the visa for Qatar for the MUN class.
On iGoogle, there are these really cool gadgets about animals and you could play with them, it is really funny, some people are actually creating a tab and naming it "Zoo"
I am almost done with this week's assignment, I wrote 2 blogs and this one is my third. Everyday I write one, and I already set up my iGoogle and google gro
Hello Schutz!                                                                                                                                                   I hope everything is fine... 2nd day of the week, and I'm already tired. We have too much work to do, tests and quizzes and homework. At the end of last week, Mrs Smith posted the MUN list for Qatar, and I MADE IT! I was so happy, and specially because the group is so nice, I think we're going to have fun working together, and I am really excited about it. We decided that we are going to meet every Sunday during lunch break. Also, the list of the volleyball team was posted, but I didn't get it in. It is okay, I will try out next year hopefully, and I want to wish the team the best of luck, they are all really good and deserve to win!  Today in IT class, we continued to work on the calendar and iGoogle, they are really useful. I hope this week would go well! 
4 weeks have passed, and things have changed. We have new IT projects coming and we are working so hard to get things done! This week, we started to set up the iGoogle. We have to gadgets, like gmail, note pads, calendar and other interesting stuff. The second assignment is to post 4 blogs on the website and one of them should be about IT class. We also got the iMac in the media room, so everyone is excited about it! I think it is going so much fun. More updates will be posted tomorrow hopefully.
Thank you!!
Hello Everyone,
I hope everything is okay! Tomorrow was our volleyball try outs, it was really tough! I can barely move.. But we had fun! Tomorrow is the last rty out and the team will be posted on sunday. There is a competiton between all the girls because evryone is really good, evryone is fighting to get there! Good Luck To everyone! Also yesterday was the first meeting of the MUN club with Mrs Smith, a lot of people we're there, 45 persons. Most of them just want to participate because they want to travel and others are serious about it and really want to work and experience new things. I am one of the persons who want to go to Qatar, because I can have the chance to speak in front of everyone. Let's hope for the best. The IT assignment is due tomorrow, I am almost done with it, I only have to write the summary of the articles, and I will be done for this week! I will keep you updated after the weekend with new events and news.
Hello People!
Today is a new day, with new events. Yesterday was our 2nd volleyball try outs, we really had a good time but it was really tough. But it  is was really fun! We also have try out today after school. I hope it won't be tiring... We also have meeting for MUN during advisory. I intend to join this club, but it requires a lot of work. There are two group, one will go to Qatar and the other to the Hague. I hope I would be one the people who will travel! There is also the open house today for the Upper school. Parents come and meet the teachers and discuss everything about the students. This is really helpful, specially for the new students who just transferred in this year. I really hope that everything would  go well and i will post all the new in
Hey again,
Today is SUNDAY! A new week, new assignments and new ideas.
We are starting our new assignment for this week and it is about Google reader, it seems to be fun but it takes time. We also have to keep this blog updated which is also fun. The Volleyball inter mural and try outs will take place tomorrow after school. The latest news are that the journalism class will have a Gossip part in the newspaper, you write gossip about Schutz students and put it in the the box and it will be anonymous. I think it is a nice idea but it will not end well. At the end of last week we elected the officers of student council, all the candidates were running unopposed but they still needed 50% of our votes. They all won! My class also elected the Vp, secretary and treasurer.
Hopefully by the end of next week, we are going to have the new computers and it is going to be really exciting!
We're still working on our IT project during class. Today during lunch was our first interact meeting. It was a very short one, we just elected a secretary and a treasurer, I'm the secretary and Logina Ragab is the treasurer. We are going to work really  hard this year to make it a good year full of wonderful projects.
Also during lunch, we continued the intramural Volleyball and we played a match but we didn't have time to finish it, we were winning until the bell rang, we will continue tomorrow during lunch break.
Yesterday after school, volleyball practice was held in the covered court, a lot of girls we're present and it was really tiring: we played two matches and practiced some bumps and serves, we had fun. That's it for today, and I will continue to post all the late
Hey everyone, I hope that everything is fine!
The first week passed and we all got used to the schedule. In IT class, we are starting the new weekly assignment. It is going to be about buying a computer set for the IT lab. I hope this is going to be a fun week.
Varsity Volleyball try outs are today after school and a lot of girls are trying out, it is going to be really hard to make the team.
Tomorrow, the interact club is having its first meeting during lunch break and a lot of people are going to join it this year. This year's president is Nada Mansi and the VP is Hania Sultan. I really think this year is going to fun and full of activities.
Thank you!
Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                                 My name is Baheya Mansi and welcome to my website I created in my IT class for Mr. Christie. In my website you will find videos, assignments, pictures and other interesting information. This is my first entry and I will update my blog when necessary...                                                   
In our first week of school, and specially IT class, we were working hard every class in order to create the website, put pictures and make a Google account . The only problem in school is the new schedule, classes are shorter so we don't have enough time to work, so most of our work is done at home!
Creating this site was our first week assignment, starting from next week, we will have a new one and I will keep this blog updated with all our recent projects and work.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy my website!!