Hello Everyone,
I hope everything is okay! Tomorrow was our volleyball try outs, it was really tough! I can barely move.. But we had fun! Tomorrow is the last rty out and the team will be posted on sunday. There is a competiton between all the girls because evryone is really good, evryone is fighting to get there! Good Luck To everyone! Also yesterday was the first meeting of the MUN club with Mrs Smith, a lot of people we're there, 45 persons. Most of them just want to participate because they want to travel and others are serious about it and really want to work and experience new things. I am one of the persons who want to go to Qatar, because I can have the chance to speak in front of everyone. Let's hope for the best. The IT assignment is due tomorrow, I am almost done with it, I only have to write the summary of the articles, and I will be done for this week! I will keep you updated after the weekend with new events and news.

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