Hey again,
Today is SUNDAY! A new week, new assignments and new ideas.
We are starting our new assignment for this week and it is about Google reader, it seems to be fun but it takes time. We also have to keep this blog updated which is also fun. The Volleyball inter mural and try outs will take place tomorrow after school. The latest news are that the journalism class will have a Gossip part in the newspaper, you write gossip about Schutz students and put it in the the box and it will be anonymous. I think it is a nice idea but it will not end well. At the end of last week we elected the officers of student council, all the candidates were running unopposed but they still needed 50% of our votes. They all won! My class also elected the Vp, secretary and treasurer.
Hopefully by the end of next week, we are going to have the new computers and it is going to be really exciting!

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