Hello everyone,
I personally do not like this project, it's the only project that I do in this class that I don't actually like working on.
I started to read like chapter 2 or something but I did not work a lot. I am going to start from today because during the last 2 or 3 days I was so busy with family stuff so I didn't have time to read a lot.
Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone,
i hope that everyone is doing great!
I thing one of the most important skills in technology is editing videos.
Some people are really  good at doing this but others are not that good. I'm personally not good at it so I need to practice and do videos because I am sure that later in life, I might use this skill do stuff.
     Maybe we could create a video as class or something, that way, we will have a very good video and each one of us will learn something new fromthe
Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone,
I hope everyone is fine and ready to start a new semester!
This week is the first week in this semester and a lot of people are very excited to start a new one!
Today, Mr and Mrs Dunbar told us that they will not be here next year. We are all sad that they are leaving because they are very good teachers and the whole school loves them!
I got 94 % in math final :D I am so happyy!
Baheya Mansi

Hello everyone! This week's google reader story is about headphones
Why headphones are hazardous to your health:
Headphones are not bad just because it causes ear damages but it also creates distraction. Statistics say that most of the accidents of motorcycles are because the drivers are listening to music through headphones. The distractions can cause horrible consequences. Of course most of them are males under 30 years old.
Overall, technology distractions are very dangerous and can cause serious accidents.
Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone,
this week we stared working on green certification! Each one us created an account on green certification. We started taking notes and all the chapters because we will take a test at the end of the course. I started on the google docs, when I finish it, I will share it with Mr. Christy!
This project is so hard because we have to study for it. It takes a lot of time to read and take notes.
Baheya Mansi
Hey everyone, I hope that everyone is okay!
Today it's FREEZINGGG! I'm so tired, and I'm so stressed because of the exams.
Tomorrow, we are going to sell all our stocks and we will be done with this project.
We are starting to work on the green certification. We need to take notes because we have to take a test after 2 weeks or something! It is kind of hard, because we actually need to study for this.

Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone, I hope everyone is fine!
Finals are next weekkk! Everyone is stressed, and some people have 3 finals on the first day! I only have two finals because there is no IT final.
The second day is the hardest! I have english and Social studies. I started studying a bit from every subject.
On the third day, I only have math but it's hard. Wish me luck! :)
Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone, new week has started!!
this week, I sold 35 shares of Apple because I was afraid I was going to lose a lot of money, and then I bought 500 shares in the DNDN company because it is doing so well! and finally for this week, I bought 10,000 shares in a comapny called BioSante Pharmaceuticals, it is so cheap and it is going up.
We will be done with this project on wednesday, we are going to sell everything and see how much money we made.
Baheya Mansi
hello everyone,
i hope everything is great
this week's tech blog is about Samsung Tablet vs. iPad 2.
I personally think that the Samsung tablet is better than the iPad because it a USB port and everything, it is basically like a computer(you have word), while the iPad is more for games and applications( it is also very good but not for everything). If I am going to buy any of these two, I would buy the Samsung because it is better for me, others prefer the iPad. It differs from someone to another

katy perry

Hello everyone, I hope everything is ok!!

this week's google reader story is about katy perry! She has tweeted that she will not make to the People's Choice Award. This  would've been her first public appearance since  her divorce from russell brand. She had seven nominations this  year. She also thanked all the people who supported her: "I am so grateful for all the love and support I've had from people around the world. You guys have made my heart happy again". Her song ET was nominated to Favorite song of the Year and she Favorite female artist.

Baheya Mansi