hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their break!! So, I  am having troubles with this project but I am trying my best this week:

Aeropostale: the stock went up a little bit and I think it is a very good stock to buy, so I am not going to sell, but I'm thinking of buying more stocks.

Abercrombie and Fitch: this one also increased, I think it will do very well in the future!! I will not sell this one either.

Kraft food: this stock went down for the weekend but I am not going to sell it, I am sure it will go up again soon.

Travelzoo: this one increased but not very much! I think it is doing well and I am going to buy more stocks.

Blackberry: it went up but very little. I am not gonna sell it because it will come up. 

For this week, I am not going to buy other stocks but maybe next week when I feel more comfortable with this whole thing.


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