Top tweets per second  (in 2011)                                                                                                                      As 2011 is going to end soon, Twitter has given us a recap of the top events of the year. They arranged a top five events according the the tweets per second. In other words, the events with most tweets per second won first place. The first event was not the death of Steve Jobs, Usama Benladin or The Japanese earthquake. In fact the top one event was the MTV Video music award with 8,868 tweets per second. In second place came the execution of Troy Davis, in third place :FIFA Women's World Cup (7,196 tweets per second), then Brazil's elimination from Copa America (7,166), and finally New Years wishes (6,939).                                                                                    It's very interesting to know that these events were the top of this year.                                                             Baheya Mansi

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