What is Digital Security?

Digital Security is the protection of your own technological accounts and everything online. Everything that includes our personal information needs to be protected from strangers and friends. You can not trust anyone with your passwords because you do not know what they might do with it. It is not only about passwords, all of us need to have virus protection because once there's a virus on someone's device it might use or delete all data on it. Digital security is self-protection from anything that can cause harm to our devices or personal information.

How does it impact me?

This type of citizenship affects everyone's personal life because security is something very essential. It affects me personally because I have to be very careful and never share my passwords with ANYONE! I must always update my virus protection and always back up my stuff. You do not know when something like this might happen and you should always take care. I think that I should always back up my information because once someone has access to my information, they can do anything with it.

How to be a good citizen?
A good citizen is one who gets all his rights to security and also respects his one privacy. We should have limits when we put our stuff on the internet because we don't have control over them. A good citizen is one who never shares his or her password with anyone. In return to all of this, a good citizen never hacks into other people's account because if you want to have security, you should grant security to other people around you.

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