hey everyone,
today I read an article about cellphones. It talks about how young kids buy cellphones starting form he age of 11 or even way before that. They believe that if you give a little girl a cellphone, you are giving her too much freedom to communicate with others. I think it is important to have a cellphone to use it in case of emergency but the kids are not using it for this cause. They use it for other stuff and they spend too much time. Sometimes they talk too much with their friends and don't concentrate on other more important things.
Baheya Mansi
Hey everyone,
I am so tired and sick!!we have a lot of things to do! This week, I have an english quiz. On sunday, 2 projects are due: chem and global issues. I also have a chemistry test next week and another english quiz!! I really need a break! Today, I am going to finish my chem project and start working on something else. I still need to post 2 more blogs. Today, the elections are still taking place. So far everything is going well and nothing happened. People are waiting for the results to come out tomorrow or today at night.
Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone, I hope everyone is okay.                                                                                                          Today is a very special day for all the Egyptians, it is their first time to vote in a fair election. We will see how today goes... My parents went this morning and voted. What they told me is that everything was very organized and they were very happy. We hope that this election would be fair in all means. On the other hand, I am stuck here at home for safety reasons. We still don't know what can happen during this day. Let's hope for the best!!                             Baheya Mansi   
Today's blog is different . We read this article, called Lifehacker. This is an article about programming. It is like a blog, but it is huge. It basically talks about programming and codes. It explains how to start and why we should not spend so much on picking the best language. They tell you that the easiest way to start is to use a program called AutoHotkey. The most important things we need to know about building a web site are HTML and CSS. We need to know more about these before are able to build web applications. Then, they talk about Java: the programming language of the web browser. They also talk the mobile apps and the web development and how you could use what you learned elsewhere.                                                                                                                                I am really excited about this new project that will last for a few weeks. I think it is going to be a little bit complicated but fun at the same time. What I really like in this class, is that we do all kinds of stuff. I really enjoy working in this class. I think it is going to be a really nice and special project.                                                Baheya Mansi


Hello everyone, I just read this article about thanksgiving.                                                                                         It is about how celebrities tend to help poor people. For thanksgiving, Lindsay Lohan helped the unfortunate and fed a big number of them. She said in an interview that helping the poor is a blessing. I think that this very kind of her and everyone who helps the unfortunate. It turns out that Kim Kardashian is doing the same thing with other people. She said as well that today, the fed a lot of people and their goal is to feed 120 million people. Happy thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone is safe.                                                                                                               Baheya 
Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                                 I have tech news!! There is a new playstation that came out recently or will come out soon. It is a 3D screen and it comes with glasses. When 2 players are playing, each one of the players is seeing different screens, each one sees the side of their game. I think it is really cool as you can use it to watch movies with 3D visions. The price is reasonable because it has a lot of nice features. Day after day, we have new technology and new ideas. I hope we continue to advance. I saw a video about this thing on youtube, maybe I can embed it here on my website so that you guys can see it.                                                                                                                                                                    Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is safe and okay.                                                                                        This week's project is different from all other projects because it is very hard. What we need to do is create a help file about weebly for the teachers. I like this project but it takes a long time. We need to show all steps of to create a website and how to edit it. We need to explain how to use it and we use the snipping tool to take the pictures of all the steps we do. I working really hard to create something good and it is due by friday morning with the blogs. I think it is really interesting project and I am really happy to be doing something like this.                                       Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone,
I am really tired and sick. My throat is killing me and I am so sleepy!! We have a lot of work to make up. I so behind on the IT project!! MR CHRISTIE... PLEASE GIVE US AN EXTENSION!! I am working so hard on it but it takes a long time to show all the steps. Today, a lot of people didn't come to school  because of what happened yesterday in Alex and Cairo. We won't have school on Monday because of the election day, it won't be safe at all. I really need a vacation, there are too many things going on. I had a chemistry quiz and a project. I will post another blog tomorrow about other things.
Baheya Mansi
Hello everyone,
I just came back yesterday from Qatar. It was one of the most amazing trips,. We had so much fun and met really nice people. The conference was really good but it was really hard at the beginning. It took us a day to understand what is going on and how to work. We arrived yesterday at 8 pm but it took me an hour to get home. I am really tired and sleepy. I am really happy to see everyone here but really sad to leave Qatar. I encourage everyone to go try this conference. It is really organized and it has a lot of people.
Hello everyone!!
I hope that you are all okay!
This week's assignment takes too much time. We need to create a help file for teacher on how to use weebly. I think it is a good idea because some people are having trouble working on their websites. Weebly is a very helpful thing, you can easily create a website and do a lot of things. I highly recommend everyone to create an account on weebly. It will facilitate a lot of things, you can add blogs, videos, pictures, word documents... If anyone is having trouble using weebly, you can wait for me to finish my help file and you will find it on my website by tuesday.
Baheya Mansi